Four Reasons to Use Synthetic Grass for Your Tennis Court

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Four Reasons to Use Synthetic Grass for Your Tennis Court

Synthetic grass is becoming increasingly popular as a surface for tennis courts. Why should you consider installing such a surface for your own tennis court?


Firstly, synthetic grass is a much safer surface to play on than a hard surface such as clay. Tennis involves a lot of movement around the court, which can have a huge impact on the joints. A softer surface such as artificial grass will be much kinder to the knees and ankles and will be far more comfortable to play on. Players are also much less likely to injure themselves if they fall on a soft surface than on a hard surface. Synthetic grass can therefore contribute to player safety and long-term health.


A second reason for using synthetic grass is that it is very easy to maintain. It is designed to be resistant to heavy use and should not experience much wear and tear from games. It does not require watering like real grass and can withstand extremes of weather. It is unlikely that it will need much more maintenance than clearing it of leaves and debris and can therefore be kept in use continuously. This should save you a large amount of time and money.


The consistency of synthetic grass is a third reason for using it as a surface. Players rely on the texture of the surface providing a consistent and predictable bounce. This allows them to stay in control of the ball and improve their game. Surfaces with small irregularities can make the ball move in unexpected ways, which will make it difficult for a player to judge how to respond. They also need to know how their own feet and body will react to the surface. The consistency of synthetic grass is therefore an enormous help to the players as they try to practise and improve their skills.

Clear lines

Finally, synthetic grass will hold the lines that mark out the courts. On other surfaces, these can fade, become smudged or wear off. This makes it difficult for the players to know the exact layout of the court and can lead to ambiguities in judging whether a ball was in or out. Synthetic grass is designed to ensure that its markings stay in place.

Synthetic grass tennis courts provide a safe and low-maintenance alternative to hard surfaces that will provide an enormous benefit to the players who use it.

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