3 Ways Synthetic Grass Could Improve Your Child's Tennis Performance

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3 Ways Synthetic Grass Could Improve Your Child's Tennis Performance

Children become better in sports through active participating, and tennis is no exception. However, although your child might have proper guidance and appropriate gear, it would be difficult to improve performance without the right surface to practice. Additionally, practising on hard surfaces puts your child at risk of injuries. In this regard, you need to consider synthetic grass tennis courts. This article highlights ways in which artificial turf is likely to improve your child's performance in tennis.

Increased speed -- Since tennis involves running from one end of the court to the other, the speed with which one can reach a served ball dictates their performance. Therefore, children need to gain the speed attributes as early as possible, which is what synthetic grass offers to budding athletes. The reason is that the sand-like granules used on artificial turf make the tennis ball skid rather than bounce on the surface. A skidding ball moves with a lot more speed compared to a shot with a lot of bounce on it. With your child practising more on synthetic grass compared to natural grass, their speed will need to improve markedly, thereby improving overall performance in tennis.

Shock Absorption -- A tennis ball bounces higher on natural grass than on synthetic turf, and while this might not mean much for adult players, low balls are a necessity to children. Children are still growing and having them deal with high shots every time a ball is served is counterproductive to overall development in the sport. Granules in synthetic grass act as a shock absorber and reduce the bounce of a tennis ball. Most importantly, practising on a synthetic grass tennis court will allow your child to focus on essential techniques instead of reaching for high balls.

Improved Player Comfort – Children are at a higher risk of being injured while playing on natural grass than on synthetic turf. Since tennis involves sudden movements and change of direction, worrying about bruises and impact injuries should be the last thing on your child's mind. At their age, kids should be concentrating on improving their tennis and not on how to protect themselves against injuries. By using synthetic grass on your tennis court, you increase comfort levels during practice sessions because children will not worry about getting injured even when they fall; consequently, they will focus more on improving performance.

For these reasons and more consider putting in a synthetic grass tennis court. Contact a tennis coach or company for more information on the benefits of this kind of tennis court.

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